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Just Transition Learning Labs

This series of Learning Labs serves as an introduction to the concept of a just transition and as exploration of the struggles the youth faces when trying to move away from a carbon-intensive society both in rural and urban settings. We will analyse the implications this transition might have on social and human rights and what are the pre-existent problematics that have been accelerated in this time of health, social and economic crisis.

Following the cancellation of the two live activities of this one-year long project, these Learning Labs will bring young people together in a digital, brave space for learning. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the just transition, experience alternative online facilitation methods and tools that we can use in this time of social distancing and get ready for the following live activities. Each webinar, some including an exercise of interactive mapping or a gaming session, is envisioned as one step of this six-part online seminar.

We will (1) explore the theoretical basis for a just transition and place it within a European framework, (2) share the problems and experiences of young people in both rural and urban areas from around Europe, (3) analyse the just transition from a perspective of energy, food and transport, drawing linkages between urban and rural settings and (4) gather input for compilation of the green principles for a just transition, joint vision of Young Greens in Europe.

The exact date and time of each webinar will be shared on this webpage at least one month in advance.

Internet Support

We are aware that not everybody has a strong and stable internet connection at their disposal. In order to make these webinars accessible and as convenient to join as possible, we offer support to all registered participants for the purchase of a better internet plan. This can be a one-day extra internet plan for your phone, to create a hotspot for your laptop. We cannot however cover the costs for monthly internet bills.

If you wish to request such support, please reach out to project.manager@fyeg.org up to one week prior the webinar, indicating the details of the offer that you would like to purchase.

Here below you can find information about the Learning Labs that happened.

Previous Learning Labs


28 May 2020, 19:00 CEST

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The transition away from a carbon-intensive society cannot only be an energy transition, it must be the transition towards a democratic and inclusive society where everyone sees their rights being fulfilled - a socially just transition. The solutions to the consequences of the climate crisis, which already disproportionately affect the most vulnerable and precarious part of the population, cannot be business-, profit- and growth-oriented. Instead, it needs to be built around the needs of everyone, and make the people in the frontline better off.

With this webinar we wish to investigate the elements that are encompassed in this socially just transition, and together with you create our working definition of a just transition, that we will use to navigate all the following Learning Labs.

Visual definition of the Just Transition

Enter the mural to find out what the participants of the Just Transition Learning Lab #1 created


18 June 2020, 19:00 CEST

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We invite you to our digital living library, an interactive webinar to read stories on the just transition and discover how youth reclaim the right to the city and to the village, from all across Europe. There will be six “living” books to be borrowed from the library, each of them represented by its main character. Borrowing time is 20 minutes per book and each participant will borrow up to three books. Apart from reading these books, in this session participants will be encouraged to share their stories in accessing their rights in their cities and villages with each other, understanding the breadth of young people’s experience in changing their living environments.

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9 July 2020, 19:00 CEST

This webinar will explore the main issues related to a just transition in urban areas across Europe, focusing on two different topics: food and transport.

Urbanisation - the shift of people to cities - will likely only continue as more and more areas become difficult to live in due to climate change, putting additional pressure on already stretched infrastructures. But cities will also be at the forefront of the change we need. Hyper-localised vertical farming, solar panels on every roof and integrated personal mass transit systems might provide the end to some of the most polluting industries there are. Cities may go from just consuming to also producing. To know where we are going, we first have to know where we are now: that’s why we’ll be exploring the problems of today.

This is a webinar to explore the current issues facing urban communities. Participants will further explore the solutions to these issues at the live seminar ‘It’s Not Just A Transition: Youth in Cities and Rural Areas’ in Barcelona.

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16 July 2020, 19:00 CEST

This webinar will explore the main issues related to a just transition in rural areas across Europe, focusing on two different topics: energy and food. Living conditions of rural populations in the wake of climate change are likely to be worsened by the transition in several ways. This is why, as we rethink the way we produce and consume our food, as we investigate new ways to source materials for energy production, as we envision new sustainable transport infrastructure, we need to ensure a deeper understanding of the struggles of those in the frontline of these changes. Their jobs might become obsolete, but the just transition mechanisms must ensure that no one is left behind, whilst enabling the rural youth to access their rights - not only social rights but also fundamental rights such as the right to life, clean water and food.

This is a webinar to explore the many barriers to the thriving of rural communities. Participants will further explore the solutions to these issues at the live seminar ‘It’s Not Just A Transition: Youth in Cities and Rural Areas’ in Barcelona.


3 September 2020, 19:00 CEST

This Just Transition Learning Lab #5 | Mapping the Movement is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of the Federation of Young European Greens and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.

If there’s one thing history has shown us, it’s that there is no point reinventing the wheel - if someone else has a great idea, steal it and implement it and improve upon it. This applies just as much to activism as everything else - across Europe and the world there are probably thousands of great initiatives happening that could be implemented everywhere. This webinar will help with this issue - using interactive online software you’ll map out some of the best of these initiatives and be able to steal their best ideas.

This webinar aims at mapping youth-led initiatives that are leading the process of a just transition across Europe. We will use an interactive digital map to gather input from Young Greens and for the production of the Green Principles for a just transition.

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