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Summer Hackathon on Social Rights: Results

From 22-80 July 2019, 55 young people attended FYEG's Our Social Rights - Our Future! summer camp in Serbia. The first hackathon on social rights took place during the summer camp. Eight groups of 2-8 people worked on eight different projects over the two days period.   Hackathons were organised with the support of the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe, as the third phase of the Reclaim Your Social Rights! project.

Hackathon is a period of 36h when participants can plan, design and carry out their own mini-projects in small teams. The aim of the hackathon was to provide an opportunity for young people to discuss and learn about different tools they can use when campaigning and advocating for social rights.

The hackathon was preceded with two days of learning about social rights: issues young people all over Europe face while accessing their rights as well as legal mechanisms and international laws that guarantee those rights, such as the European Social Rights Charter (Council of Europe). In addition, participants attended GEF’s Know Your Social Rights online course.

Here are some of the results:




Activist Handbook

The Activist Handbook is a Wikipedia-like site for organisations and individuals to share and find knowledge on activism. This digital product for social change took a form of a website that is currently is up and running. It features some basic information and guidance on activism. While it still lacks content all features are already there and since it is a wikipedia-like platform it can easily fill itself up by voluntary contributions. 

website: https://www.activisthandbook.org




Rainbow Tales 

The right to education is a fundamental social right, yet the LGBTQIA+ community in Europe is struggling to realise it. A 2018 Council of Europe report states that between 23 % - 67 % of non-heteronormative and non-cisgender European students expereince discrimination. This discrimination, often expressed as bullying and/or violence, can in turn lead to a number of social disadvantages such as mental illness, difficulties to form meaningful relationships, and even suicide.

We recognize that the discrimination against the LGBTQIA+-community partially stems from ignorance about the community. Our fully-illustrated children's novel Rainbow Tales was written to remedy this ignorance. Aimed at children of the lower elementary school ages, Rainbow Tales utilizes the art of storytelling to explain some of the most common identities within the LGBTQIA+-spectrum. We believe that if children are taught about non-heteronormative and non-cisgender identies early on, the stigma surrounding them will decrease, as well as the social disadvantages associated with being LGBTQIA+.

Rainbow Tales also works to educate teachers. The end of the novel features an extensive dictionary on LGBTQIA+-terminology based on top-notch research. 

No one is born hating another person — hate is something society teaches us. Let schools teach love instead.

Download Rainbow Tales here: PDF





The project aims to inform of tax evasion across Europe and why it is important to tackle the issue and raise awareness of its link to social rights such as cuts to public funds. The website includes information from different European countries about companies that avoid taxes, including an interactive map. Alongside the website, a campaign strategy was developed, including sticker design. The project has a potential to further include online and offline campaign tools including petitions, quizes and memes. It is an ambitious project that will need further work to continue developing, and possible support from other people.

Download Taxivism presentation here: PDF




Transnational European Train Info is an online platform for increasing youth mobility in a sustainable way - by providing access to train connections in all parts of Europe. The platform features a story of young people travelling to Serbia by train.

Download TNETI presentation here: PDF




The Journey 

This interactive board game teaches players about obstacles refugees face on they way to Europe. It is meant to be used in classrooms to further understanding of the plight of refugees. The board is currently available only in a hard copy version.

Download The Journey cards here: PDF




This website is developed for the purpose of connecting activists and experts with rural schools, parents, teachers and citizens who want to learn, teach, or work together on joint projects. The platform includes explanation videos and a blog. It is still under construction.

Website: https://www.bashiroglu.xyz/




Bringing European debates to China

An action plan for raising awareness of young people in China on the issues that concern them (climate change, human rights, taxation, political participation). This long-term project includes translations of the debates in the European Parliament to Chineeze. The project is open for volunteers, especially translators from English to Chineeze.

One of the articles on WeChat






Download the publication in PDF HERE.


The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe and the Green European Foundation with the financial support of the European Parliament to the GEF.