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Study Session " The Glass Ceiling Is Not Your Limit"

This study session will take place in the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary.

This activity is a follow-up of FYEG’s Demasculinisation of Politics training that took place in Spring 2017. Results of the project are summarised in this publication. 

The aim of The Glass Ceiling is Not Your Limit is to strengthen capacities of young women and non-male leaders to tackle structural challenges and obstacles for gender-equal leadership. This will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • To identify and counteract master suppression techniques
  • To find ways how to employ resources in the purpose of reaching gender equality
  • To build solidarity among different social actors

With this study session  we want to specifically focus on the participation of women and non-males in political, business and social structures. Statistics show that women are still severely underrepresented in national parliaments and governments in Europe and worldwide. Our societies are organized based on patriarchal and masculine values and needs, which prevents other genders from progressing.  We want to explore and analyze the patriarchal patterns that prevent equal opportunities based on gender discrimination and how to support young non-males to organise themselves and change their environment in order to remove barriers and enable their participation in political, business and social structures.

The preparatory team members, trainers and participants will be composed of only women and non-male younger than 30 years old.