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MO-to-MO Online Training

After one year of virtual organising, FYEG Member Organizations aims to support one another through the exchange of best practices and tools for building resilience and invest in participation in difficult times!

This series of webinars will be led by people from Member Organizations, not in the traditional top-down approach, which means it will be rather facilitated than created by FYEG. It aims to build the skills of MOs and increase international networking between them.

These workshops are rather facilitated than created by FYEG. Differently from the traditional top-down approach, the trainers will all be members of our Member Organisations.


Below you will find the calendar of MO-MO Training Series:

MO-MO Training #1

25th April 2021, 15:45-16:45 CEST 

Social media activism led by Belarusian Young Greens. 

You will learn how to plan, implement and follow-up good campaigns and actions on social media by exploring successful ones organised in Belarus. The training will be led by Veronica Yanovich from Belarusian Young Greens. You might remember her from this.

This training will be held as part of the EGAT (European Green Activists Training) week organised by GEF, where young activists receive training on domestic and European level politics and discover how to empower their own activism via cooperation and networking. 

Registration closed. Thank you for the participation!


14th May 19:00-20:30 CEST

Social media strategy and analysis led by Protests and Young Green England & Wales. 

Do you want to learn how to use mailing lists, petition sites and other digital tools to mobilise people? Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your social media campaigns? You will learn it at the second MO-MO Online Training that will be led by Rosie Rawle from Young Greens of England and Wales and Selma Levrence from Protests. 

Registration closed. Thank you for the participation!


The three workshops below are the part of our Annual Work Plan 2021:

The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe

8th July 17:30-29:30 CEST (NEW DATE)

Self care and mental health for activists online training, in replacement of the postponed MO-MOT.

You will learn about:

- some keys to understand how our caring system works and what problems does it have,
-what alternative systems/paradigms we can use in our organizations (restorative justice, regenerative cultures, eco-feminism).

We will:
- share methods of self-care and community-care,
- understand what mental health is and how it relates with our work,
- explore some resources that can be implemented in your organizations.

The training will be led by Alberto Rico Trigo, professional psychologist and XR activist

Register closed.

16th June 17:30-19:30 CEST

Political maturity of organisations and organisational culture led by Finnish and Georgian Young Greens, together with CDN

Do you want to improve democratic structures within your organization? Do you want to know how to ensure inclusion, diversity and safe space?

You will learn it at the third MO-to-MO Online Training on Political maturity of organisations and organisational culture that will take part on️ Wednesday, 16th June 17:30-19:30 CEST! 

The training will be led by Giorgi Ptskialadze from Georgian Young Greens and Bicca Olin and Tuomo Kondie from Finnish Young Greens with the help of Tuomo Kondie from Finnish Young Greens. 

Registration closed. Thank you for the participation!

7th July 18:00-19:30

Democratic facilitation and participation led by Norwegian Young Greens 

You will learn about democratic structures of well-established organizations, focusing on ethical commitments and democratic participation.

More details and registration form will be shared soon.