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Help FYEG organise the best possible campaign for the 2019 European Elections


FYEG needs your help to organise its campaign for the 2019 European Elections.

Founded 30 years ago, the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) gathers thousands of Young Green Activists who are members of our 40 organisations in Europe.

These elections are a unique chance to put the European Union back on track and to build a sustainable, social, welcoming and inclusive Europe. These will be our priorities for the European elections to come.

As Young Greens, our values and our ideas have no borders. This is why we also want to organise a borderless, transnational campaign. For the past year, we have been making up plans to organise a common campaign. Now comes the time for us to actually implement it.


Young Candidates Platform

We are creating a platform to gather and train Young Green Candidates to the European Elections, to give themtheir more chances to get elected into the European Parliament. Depending on the results of this crowdfunding, more young candidates will be invited to the offline training we’ll organise in the beginning of 2019.


A Common Campaign

We are developing common campaign narratives for all our Young Greens in Europe. We also want to create a common visual identity and produce campaign merchandising for all our Members.


Transnational Campaign Activities

We want to organise a big campaign event gathering young greens for whole Europe to kick-off our campaign. We also want to support transnational campaign activities that will be organised by Young Greens throughout Europe, if we reach our objective of 20000€.


Online Campaigning

We want to create multilingual content (memes, videos, etc.) to campaign on social media



Our crowdfunding campaign will run until mid-February.

The crowdfunding campaign is not our only source of funding. If we reach our first objective of 5 000€, we will be able to organise most of what we’ve described here. If we reach our second objective on 10 000€, we will be able to send more campaign material to our Member Organisations, organise a bigger campaign event, train more young candidates and support the campaign actions of our Member Organisations.


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