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Commons: Social Commons

Date: 13 - 19 March 2018
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Number of participants: 25

During this first seminar we looked at the correlation of commons and social rights and explored management of social commons in different geographical and societal contexts, especially in certain disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Central and Eastern Europe. We used diverse methods - role plays, simulations, case studies, discussions, and creative expression to facilitate this learning process in an interactive way.

We wanted to explore how privatisation and commodification conflict with commons and how those relate to the former political systems in Central and Eastern European countries. We focused particularly on social commons - social policies in Central and Eastern Europe, with emphasis on healthcare, education and and public spaces.

We had a unique opportunity to visit two local commons from Warsaw - Ada Pulawska and Jazdow. Community members of those two places shared with us inspiring stories of how they claimed those places in common, what is the need for those places and we learned how they make their rules, structures and run those places legally, inclusively and sustainably.  You can read more about them in the Ecosprinter.

Inspired to act, we couldn’t sit still, so we and took some action on the streets of Warsaw to show that cities are our commons and that we want greener, healthier and more accessible cities for all! (video)

To learn more about commons, check this mobile-friendly publication where we summarised conclusions of the project or explore various perspectives of young European Greens on the commons in our Ecosprinter magazine.

If you are wondering how this event looked like, check pictures on Flickr or the Instagram stories from the event.



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