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Commons: Digital Commons

Date: 11 - 17 September 2018
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Number of participants: 30

The Internet is as much a collection of communities as a collection of technologies, and its success is largely attributable to both satisfying basic community needs, as well as utilizing the community in an effective way to push the infrastructure forward.

During the training we analysed what are the current and emerging issues with the Internet, such as issues related to access, human rights, digital identity, digital pollution, Intermediaries, privacy and data protection, and net neutrality. Once again, we came to a conclusion that ensuring open and free Internet is crucial for ensuring safe and fair participation, especially for those coming from oppressive societies and experiencing discrimination. The Internet cannot be regulated in a top-down manner, but its governance should be based on processes that are inclusive and driven by consensus on how it evolves.

To learn more about the Internet as commons, check this mobile-friendly publication where we summarised conclusions of the project or explore various perspectives of young European Greens on the commons in our Ecosprinter magazine.

If you are wondering how this event looked like, check pictures on Flickr.


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