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General Assembly 2021 - Practical Info

The main platform for the GA will be Zoom, due to its stability, universality, and user-friendliness.

Plenary sessions will take place on zoom. The normal meeting rules will apply, with some adaptations to account for the situation. In light of the incidents that took place on Zoom during the last months, the plenaries will be organised as webinars, with registered delegates being considered as “panelists” (with videos and speaking rights) and other observers as regular participants.

For workshops and other sessions requiring breakout rooms such as Compromise Amendment Sessions, we will use the inbuilt breakout room function in Zoom.

The statutory sessions of the General Assembly will not be streamed. The meeting information will only be available to the Delegates and Observers that registered via the Registration Form.

Further information on Voting Platforms and Election Procedures will be shared with the Member Organizations and the registered Delegates.