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General Assembly 2021 - Calls & Application Forms

Calls for Candidate, Observer, and Full Member Organisations

The GA accepts, rejects, suspends or excludes Candidate, Observer and Full Member Organisations. Organisations that want to apply to become candidate, observer and full member organisations must do so before 22 April 2021 23:59 CET. Applications and questions must be sent to office@fyeg.org and wanja@fyeg.org. According to FYEG’s Internal Rules and Procedures, member organisations shall:

  • Be European except for Observers. The exact definition is decided by the GA

  • Be active, on national or regional level

  • Subscribe to the statutes and political platform of FYEG

  • Function based on democratic principles

  • Consist mostly of young people

FYEG prefers regional organisations to join forces and set up a national organisation. If two or more regional organisations of which at least one is already a full MO of FYEG join forces, the new organisation can apply as a full MO.

The applicant organisations shall apply to FYEG through the EC. Their application shall contain:

  • A letter signed by their board stating the reason for their application

  • A copy of the original statutes and a translated version in English

  • A copy of their political platform (or comparable document) and a translated version in English

  • A filled-in questionnaire provided to them by the EC that includes questions on the number of its members, age limit, list of activities, budget and all other possibly relevant information, as outlined in FYEG Statutes

It elects the Executive Committee (including treasurer), the Secretary General, the Advisory Committee, the Financial Control Committee and the Editorial Board of the Ecosprinter. Detailed calls for these positions can be found here, below: