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General Assembly 2021

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The Federation of Young European Greens took place online between June 4th and 6th

The GA is the most important decision-making event that takes place each year. It is the occasion to reflect on our work, elect our leadership and decide on our future plans.

Read the full GA21 Minutes


How does the GA work?

  • The GA amends, approves or rejects and the activity plan and budget plan for the upcoming years presented by the outgoing Executive Committee. 
  • The GA amends, adopts or rejects political resolutions, amendments to the political platform, the strategic plan, the statutes and the IRPs. 
  • The GA accepts, rejects, suspends or excludes Candidate, Observer and Full Member Organisations. 
  • The GA elects the Executive Committee, the Advisory Committee, the Financial Control Committee and the Editorial Board of the Ecosprinter. Detailed calls for these positions can be found here.
  • The GA is presided over by a body called the Presidency.


The following candidates were elected:

  •  Secretary General - Özgecan Kara
  • Co-Spokespeople - Eleanor Morrissey (Young Greens of England and Wales), Stefanie De Bock (Jong Groen)
  • Treasurer - Gülce Yeniev (Genç Yeşiller)
  • Executive Committee Members - Benedetta Scuderi (Giovani Europeisti Verdi), Clara Winkler (Grüne Jugend), Ivanna Madiar (Zelena molodʹ Ukrayiny), Miriam Shaw (DWARS), Wanja Kaufmann (Grön Ungdom)
  • Financial Control and Advisory Committee (formerly the FCC) - Jean Michel Muhire, Tornike Kusiani, Sopho Mchedlishvili 
  • Ecosprinter Editorial Board- Christina Kessler, Edoardo De Paola, Gabriella Waibel, Miriam Sivianes Mendia
  • Advisory committee - Sam Murray, Giulio Tolu

The federation also welcomed Young Greens of Georgia as a full member organisation.

Youth Forum URA (Montenegro) as a candidate member organisation.


The following Plans were adopted:


The following documents were updated:

The following reports were presented: