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General Assembly 2020

The Federation of Young European Greens warmly invites you to join our General Assembly between August 27th and 29th. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, FYEG EC and Member Organisations agreed to postpone the FYEG General Assembly to August 2020 and hold it online, with delegates and observers taking part remotely. The GA is the most important decision-making event that takes place each year. It is the occasion to reflect on our work, elect our leadership and decide on our future plans.

Please check the Practical Info for Concept Note on how the General Assembly will take place online. If you have any questions don't hesitate to write to office@fyeg.org.



Candidacies Documents 



The General Assembly will take place between August 27th and August 29th online, with remote participation of delegates and observers.

Delegates will be likely to be asked to take part in additional online meetings in the last week of July, and in the week of 23 - 29 August 2020.



Everyone attending the General Assembly must register in an online form here.

Unless there is an unexpected and justifiable reason to it, the change of delegates will not be allowed after the registration deadline.

Nominate and register your delegates before 15 July 2020 23:59 CET.

Registration Form



By registering and taking part in the General Assembly organised by FYEG, it is assumed that you have read and agree with these financial conditions.

Membership fees

According to FYEG’s Internal Rules of Procedure, each full MO shall pay an annual membership fee to FYEG. This Membership fee shall correspond to 1 % of the total incomes of their previous year’s realised budget with a minimum of 50 EUR for the EU and European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland and 25 EUR for all other European countries. 

Payment of membership fees via bank transfer was due for May 15thfor Member Organisations based in the EEA countries. For payment in cash allowed for non-EEA based organisations, Member Organisation will be contacted individually. 

Full MOs have in most cases already provided their annual budget or budget statement for the previous year. If this is not the case please email both stefanie@fyeg.org and office.assistant@fyeg.org as soon as possible. And don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Reimbursement of travel costs and participation fees in brief

As the GA will only take place online there will be no participation fee and no travel reimbursement except for EC members and the presidency travelling to Brussels.

If you still have any questions - write to us on office@fyeg.org and stefanie@fyeg.org immediately!



The General Assembly (GA) has several roles.

The GA approves or rejects the accounts of the previous year (the financial report) and takes note of the activity report and reports by the Executive Committee, the Secretary General, the Advisory Committee, the Financial Control Committee, as well as the Working Groups. These documents will be published latest on 29 July 2020.

The GA amends, approves or rejects and the activity plan and budget plan for the upcoming years presented by the outgoing Executive Committee. These documents will be published on 29 July and will be open to amendments until August 19th.

The GA amends, adopts or rejects political resolutions, amendments to the political platform, the strategic plan, the statutes and the IRPs. Member Organisations and Working Groups can submit amendments through the amendment platform until 29 July. More info.

The GA accepts, rejects, suspends or excludes Candidate, Observer and Full Member Organisations. Organisations that want to apply to become candidate, observer and full member organisations must do so before 15 July 2020, 23:59 CET Applications and questions must be sent to office@fyeg.org and eleanor@fyeg.org.

The GA elects the Executive Committee, the Advisory Committee, the Financial Control Committee and the Editorial Board of the Ecosprinter. Detailed calls for these positions can be found here.

The GA is presided over by a body called the Presidency. Call for Presidency members can be found here.

 Candidacies Documents


  • 15 July- 6 Weeks before the GA
    • This will be the deadline for Member Organisations to register their delegates and for organisations to apply (for observer, candidate or full MO).
  • 29 July - 4 Weeks before the GA
    • This will be the deadline for candidates to EC, FCC, Ecosprinter editorial board & Politcal Platform Committee to send their candidacy. And this will be the deadline for submitting policy papers and amendments to the political platform, the strategic plan and the IRPs.
    • The EC and Sec-Gen will also upload their activity reports, the FYEG activity report, the FYEG financial report and the proposed FYEG activity plan and financial plan for the upcoming year.
  • 3 August - 3 weeks before the GA
    • Candidacies to the different positions will be published.
  • 12 August - 2 weeks before the GA
    • This will be the deadline for MOs to send their support letters to the different candidates.
  • 19 August - 1 week before the GA (new)
    • This will be the deadline for amendments to resolutions, plans, as well as alternative amendments to the political platform and IRPs.


Calls and forms