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FYEG General Assembly 2019 - Candidacies

The General Assembly will vote on accepting, rejecting, suspending or excluding candidate, observer and full Member Organisations. Organisations that want to apply to become candidate, observer and full member organisations must do so before 3rd July. Applications and questions must be sent to office@fyeg.org and greg@fyeg.org.

The GA will also elect the Executive Committee, the Secretary General the Advisory Committee, the Financial Control Committee and the Editorial Board of the Ecosprinter.








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CO-SPOKESPERSONS (2 positions)

Mina Tolu

Mina Tolu (ADZ)

Mina Tolu is a 27-year-old trans, queer, green and feminist activist from Malta. They are passionate about human rights, social justice and sexual and reproductive health and rights. They believe in an inclusive, social and sustainable Europe and want to work towards a future in which our economy, quality of life and planet will no longer be held hostage by big corporations that put profit before people. They also believe that there needs to be more diversity in European politics. This is why they joined FYEG’s Campaign Team in 2017 and became a candidate for the European Parliament in 2019. Mina has almost a decade of experience in communications and campaigns gained from four years at University, work with LGBTQI organisations on the national and international level, coordination of a national referendum campaign, and most recently, FYEG’s and their own EP election campaigns. As co-spokesperson for FYEG they hope to put all of this to use in leading the network over the next months. 

Support Letter ADZ, Support Letter GYSupport Letter RQJSupport Letter SYG



Antoine TifineAntoine Tifine (écolo j/Les Jeunes Ecologistes)

Antoine is a Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty Activist from Rouen (France), currently living in Belgium. He joined the French Young Greens eight years ago and took part to its first FYEG event in 2012 in Barcelona. He was member of the French Young Greens Executive Committee during three years and of the Global Young Greens Steering Committee. Since he graduated in European Politics, he worked for a small-scale farmers union and for different environmental NGOs and collectives. He now works as a Parliamentary Assistant in the European Parliament. Last year, Antoine was FYEG’s treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee. He was also a young candidate for the European Elections for the French Greens. In his free time, Antoine loves singing, riding his bike and getting on a train visiting fellow young greens across Europe or blocking coal mines in Germany. 

Support Letter EcoloJ, Support Letter LJE




TREASURER  (1 position)

Stefanie De Bock (Jong Groen)

Hi you! My name is Stefanie, I am 23 years old and I am currently living in Pepingen, a small village, just south of Brussels, Belgium. At this general assembly in Istanbul, I am a candidate for treasurer and I am super excited! After my six-month internship with FYEG (and the Green Group in the European Parliament), I was completely inspired to stay involved in this kick-ass organisation. I am now also a member of the prepteam for the upcoming, super cool study session on the future of activism in October this year (check it out! You will not regret it). 

In the past years, I was the co-spokesperson of Jong Groen (until November 2018) and studied political sciences at Ghent University. My passions are writing, shouting through a megaphone at demonstrations and smashing patriarchy. If you would have any questions on my candidacy or anything else, don’t hesitate to let me know! I am always happy to answer them :) 

Support Letter JG, Support Letter DWARS





Nils Rübelmann (Grüne Jugend)

I’m Nils Rübelmann, member of Grüne Jugend (German Young Greens) and a passionate FYEG activist. I believe in movements, direct action and the power of determined people. That’s why I took part and will continue to take part and organize demonstrations, online actions, critical masses, direct actions and other form of protests. And I believe in party politics, because parties can transform political ideas into concrete change. That’s why I joined FYEG and Grüne Jugend, was member of the FYEG Working Group “Future of Europe” for two years, became treasurer of Dresden Young Greens and worked tirelessly in the FYEG campaign team to bring the Green Wave to the European Parliament. To strengthen this link between party politics and movements, of legislation and activism, is one of my starting points in politics and what I would like to put in practice if elected as an EC member. 

Motivation and Vision
Support Letter GJ, Support Letter LJE




Thilo Buchholz (DWARS)

I’m Thilo, European citizen, 19 years old. Having grown up in and around various youth organisations finally brought me into the world of green politics. As member of DWARS (MO from the Netherlands) and Grüne Jugend (MO from Germany) I got to know hundreds of young passionate activists. This inspired and convinced me: I want to offer myself to serve all young greens in Europe as a Member of the Executive Committee of FYEG, bringing experiences from various worlds to the table and being a fresh mind in a productive team. 

What I want to do, next to ensuring a powerful organisation working smoothly for our Member Organisations, is to focus on decreasing the distances to and between individual members. How I’m going to do it is something you can read in my motivation letter and in the outline of my plans! 

I’m enthusiastic for an intense mandate and ready for this position of responsibility. I already feel incredibly honoured to be nominated by DWARS, and I’m hoping for your trust. 

Support Letter DWARS



Mariam Vatsadze (Georgian Young Greens)

I am Mariam Vatsadze, leftist, feminist young Green activist from Georgian Young Greens. I believe that working on pan-European level, as well as local level is the most essential thing that I can do against injustice, climate crisis and as much I am keen and looking forward to volunteer for FYEG and represent the whole federation. As someone who comes from Eastern Europe where the contexts are different from that of Western Europe, I want to contribute to the process of united European young Greens fighting for Green future. I see my main role to empower Eastern European voice within FYEG. My passion to benefit Green movements is very high, I am learning fast and working hard to become a good team member, so I accept this challenge to run for FYEG Executive Committee member. 

Support Letter GEYG, Support Letter SYG, Support Letter VINO




Kristy Louise Rhades (Grön Ungdom)

Surprising fact: Between the ages of 10 and 18 I was an amateur jazz dancer! I participated in several contests and always came in last place - I just never gave up. 
Interests: Reading, taking long walks, making awesome clothes, travelling, spending quality time with friends and pets. 
Words to live by: The grass is green where you water it. The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do. 
Political inspiration: Having been raised in a multicultural environment by my mum, I have learned from an early age on to strive for a caring society, free love and unconditional kindness. Social rights activist since: 1995. 
Reason for joining FYEG: I believe that European Green politics is the most efficient way to make significant changes in favour of people and planet. 
Current political concerns: National populism, the future of Europe and welfare states. 
Current status: Studying European studies in Scotland and Sweden. 

Support Letter SYG, Support Letter GU 


Henry Winckle (Grön Ungdom)

A member of the Swedish Young Greens, Henry currently sits on their international committee with the area of responsibility Western Europe. Over the past year he has been involved in the SPC Structural and Political Subgroups, the Summer Camp prep team, as well as several FYEG EU election events. He has previously served as Secretary-General of the Young Pirates of Europe, and has just completed a bachelor in European Studies from UCL in London. He is also a member of the Young Greens of England and Wales, and speaks fluent English (his native language), Swedish and German.

His vision for FYEG is that it should continue to be the vibrant and diverse organisation it is today that creates links and friendships between green movements across Europe, provides a political home for Green nomads that move around too fast to establish themselves within political structures, and influence European decisionmakers.

Motivation and Vision
Support Letter VINO, Support Letter GU




Three additional candidacies from Eleanor Morissey (Young Greens of Englan & Wales), Malte Gallée (Grüne Jugend) and Chrystalla Demosthenous (Cyprus Young Greens) have been sent on time but will be published once missing documents will be received.



Özgecan Kara

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Call is extended until July 25th.



Call is extended until July 25th



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