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General Assembly 2019

 Istanbul GA

FYEG 2019 General Assembly took place in Istanbul, Turkey, between August 14th and 18th. It was hosted by Genç Yeşiller - Young Greens of Turkey.

This General Assembly took place after a really intense year for FYEG, whose climax was our campaign for the European Elections. We had led the fight for a sustainable, social, welcoming and inclusive Europe. 



Read the minutes of the GA 2019

Agenda of the GA


The following candidates were elected:

  • Secretary General: Özgecan Kara
  • Spokespersons: Mina Tolu and Antoine Tifine
  • Treasurer: Stefanie De Bock
  • Executive Committee Members: Nils Rübelmann, Mariam Vatsadze, Kristy Louise Rhades, Chrystalla Demosthenous, Eleanor Morrissey
  • Ecosprinter Editorial Board: Gergely Csaszar, Alexia Delfosse, Tamar Jakeli, Cristiana Cerri Gambarelli
  • Financial Control Committee: Tornike Kusiani


The federation also welcomed PROTEST and MIL as candidate member organisations.


The following Plans were  adopted:


The following Resolutions were adopted:


The following documents were updated:


The following reports were presented:

Download the 2018-2019 Activity Report

Download the 2018 Financial Report

Download the Financial Control Committee Report for 2019

Download the SecGen Report 2018-2019 

Download the EC Report 2018-2019

Download the Advisory Committee Report 2018-2019



Download the Social Europe Working Group report

Download the Food System and Animal Rights Working Group Report

Download the Sustainable Europe Working Group Report

Download the Gender and Inclusion Working Group Report

Download the Welcoming and Inclusive Europe Working Group Report

Download the Commons Working Group Report

Download the Ecosprinter Report 2018-2019


Download the Campaign Evaluation Report


In parralel to the GA, FYEG organised a Summer Conference with the financial support of the Greens-EFA group in the European Parliament.. The topic of the Summer Conference is “Global Climate Emergency - The Role of European Citizens”. The aim of the conference is to understand what a climate crisis is, and how we can effectively respond to it with policies on European level. We will also discuss the role of Europe’s peripheries, such as Turkey, in combating climate change.