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General Assembly 2019

 Istanbul GA

The Federation of Young European Greens warmly invite you to join our General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey, between August 14th and 18th.

This General Assembly will take place after a really intense year for FYEG, whose climax was our campaign for the European Elections. We have led the fight for a sustainable, social, welcoming and inclusive Europe. The European Elections allowed us to fight inside the European Union but Young Greens are also fighting hard outside of it. This General Assembly will therefore not only be the occasion to reflect on our campaign but also on how we can promote our ideas in all of Europe, even in difficult contexts. We are therefore happy to have chosen Genç Yeşiller - Young Greens of Turkey as out hosts.

The GA is the most important decision making event that takes place each year. It is the occasion to reflect on our work, elect our leadership and decide on our future plans. The GA will be combined with a summer conference on different issues Green Youth is curently facing in Europe.

Read the minutes of the GA 2019

The following candidates were elected:

  • Secretary General: Özgecan Kara
  • Spokespersons: Mina Tolu and Antoine Tifine
  • Treasurer: Stefanie De Bock
  • Executive Committee Members: Nils Rübelmann, Mariam Vatsadze, Kristy Louise Rhades, Chrystalla Demosthenous, Eleanor Morrissey
  • Ecosprinter Editorial Board: Gergely Csaszar, Alexia Delfosse, Tamar Jakeli, Cristiana Cerri Gambarelli
  • Financial Control Committee: Tornike Kusiani

The federation also welcomed PROTEST and MIL as candidate member organisations.

The following Plans were  adopted:

The following Resolutions were adopted:


The following documents were updated:

  • Internal Rules and Procedures
  • Political Platform


Summer Conference

Practical Information Programme




The general assembly has several purposes.

It approves or rejects the accounts of the previous year (the financial report) and takes note of the activity report and reports by the the Executive Committee, the Secretary General, the Advisory Committee, the Financial Control Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee as well as the working groups. These documents will be published mid-july.

It amends, approves or rejects and the activity plan and budget plan for the upcoming years presented by the outgoing Executive Committee. These documents will be published mid-july and opened to amendments until the GA.

It amends, adopts or rejects political resolutions, amendments to the political platform, the strategic plan, the statutes and the IRPs. Member Organisations and Working Groups can submit them through a platform that will soon be put online.

Check the "Documents" section for more information about reports, plans, resolutions, amendments to the IRPs...

It accepts, rejects, suspends or exclude candidate, observer and full Member Organisations. Organisations that want to apply to become candidate, observer and full member organisations must do so before 3rd July. Applications and questions must be sent to office@fyeg.org and greg@fyeg.org.

It elects the Executive Committee, the Secretary General the Advisory Committee, the Financial Control Committee and the Editorial Board of the Ecosprinter.

Check the "Candidacies" section for more information on candidates for positions or organisations candidating to become member and to find application forms.

The General Assembly is chaired and facilitated by a body called the presidency. The Executive Committee pre-selected a team a six people who will be proposed to the GA.




Arrival and departure dates

The GA will take place Istanbul, between 14th and 18th of August. Registration in person is open from the 14th of August. That’s the day when we expect the delegates to arrive. The actual programme will start on August 15th in the morning and end or August 17th in the evening. Delegates that are participating to their first General Assembly are invited to take part to a informational session on August 14th between 6pm and 8pm.

People that are elected to the positions of Secretary General and Executive Committee Member are expected to stay in Istanbul until August 19th in the afternoon.



Registration to the GA is closed since July 4th. In exceptional cases, people can register using the online form here but should contact office@fyeg.org


Financial Conditions and Guidelines (VERY IMPORTANT)

Please read this document to get detailed information about travel limits, reimbursement rules and participation fee! If you still have any questions - write us on office@fyeg.org and antoine@fyeg.org immediately!

Financial Conditions


Do you need a visa?

Delegates coming from several European Countries (including several EU countries) need to get an e-visa to enter Turkey. They cost around 20€ and must be bought online before the arrival. Please check that in advance.

Visa are reimbursed by FYEG if you are eligible for reimbursement of travel costs. Please keep all receipts with you.

In case you are not eligible for an e-visa but still need a visa, please contact us at office@fyeg.org as soon as possible so that we can start the procedures right away and ensure that all participants are granted their visa.