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General Assembly 2017

The General Assembly of Federation of Young European Greens took place in Madrid, Spain, from 24-28th of May, 2017. To our greatest pleasure, our 2017 GA was hosted by Red Equo Joven - Spanish Young Greens.

GA is the most important decision making event that takes place each year. The political course of the federation and the leadership is confirmed according to a democratic procedure. It is frequently combined with the Spring Conference.

Download the minutes of the GA.





During this GA, the following candidates have been elected

  • Secretary General: Teo Comet
  • Co-Spokespersons: Kim van Sparrentak and Fabian Wagner
  • Treasurer: Frank de Jong
  • Executive Committee: Ekaterine Mghebrishvili, Paula Espinosa, Predrag Momčilović, Tariq Khan and Zuzana Pavelková
  • Ecosprinter Editorial Board: Filipe S. Henriques, Iva Marković, Paula Keller and Simo Raittila
  • Financial Control Committee: Tornike Kusiani


Two organisations were accepted as candidate member organisations of FYEG: Lehet Más a Jövő (Hungary), Joves amb Iniciativa (Valencia)


The following resolutions have been adopted:


The following reports were presented:



Activity Plan

Budget Plan 2017

Budget Plan 2018




Detailed Program of the General Assembly