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General Assembly 2016

Thank you to all who attended our General Assembly (GA) and Spring Conference 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, 26th to 29th of May, 2016. The topic of the 2016 Spring Conference, organised in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Prague, the Greens/EFA-group and the European Green Party, was "Crisis of Democratic Governance in Europe".

It was great to spend a weekend of intense work and unforgettable fun with you in Prague! You can find the draft minutes to be approved at the GA 2017!

What is the General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision making body of FYEG. The GA decides the direction the organisation should take over the next year by adopting an activity plan, a budget, electing a new Executive Committee, voting on resolutions etc.

General Assembly Documents:

FYEG activity plan 2016-2017

FYEG activity report 2015-2016

FYEG budget 2016

FYEG budget report 2015

FYEG EC report 2015-2016

FYEG AC report 2015-2016

FYEG Secretary General report 2016

FYEG Financial Plan 2017


Minutes of FYEG General Assembly 2015 for approval

General Assembly Resolutions:

Res 1 (Migration, submitted by EC): Is there a form of life in Europe?

Res 2 (Climate, submitted by EC): Hot air or climate justice? The COP21

Res 3 (Democracy, submitted by EC): Poland, Hungary, Slovakia: European Comeback Wanted

Res 4 (Basic income, submitted by Finnish Young Greens): Policy and action on Basic Income

Ammended documents:

Internal Rules for Procedure 


General Assembly Candidacies:

Elected Executive Committee (EC) Spokespersons:

(Female) Marie Pochon

(Male) Teo Comet

EC Treasurer: Jean-Michel Muhire

EC Members:

Adrià Belenguer

Anastasiya Kastushkina

Fabian Wagner

Maria Kola

Paula Espinoza


Elected Secretary General:

Artur Wieczorek


Elected candidates for Ecosprinter Editorial Board

Johannes Butscher

Morgan Henley

Paula Keller

Simo Raittila


Elected candidate for Financial Control Committee

Miléna Cazin


Elected candidates for Global Young Greens Steering Committee

Lara Render