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What We Stand For

The basis of the activities of FYEG is our political work on a European level, in a European political space. This is not limited to lobbying inside the European Parliament. No, FYEG is also involved on a street level, running campaigns together with its Member Organisations. At the same time it is not afraid of lifting topics and relevant questions from the local organisations, supporting them and spreading them throughout the network.

Once every year FYEG hosts a formal meeting, the General Assembly, where the MOs, through their delegates, decide on policy and strategy and elect an Executive Committee (EC). The EC board of 7 people is elected to serve for a year and EC members can serve 3 terms consecutively. The Executive Committee leads and coordinates activities of the Federation. There is no leadership hierarchy inside the EC, rather a flat structured and gender balanced committee. They are assisted by a full time paid Secretary General since 1999.

The opinions and statements of FYEG are based on the political platform, which is discussed and updated each year during our General Assembly.


If you're from the press and want to contact us, go to CONTACT US and contact one of our spokespersons.

Political Platform & Policy papers

Here you can find the FYEG policy papers, the political platform being the most important one. All policy papers are all adopted by our General Assebly, starting in 2008.


This year on earth day: Be rebellious and change the system!

Apr 22, 2018

Our earth could use some love. Slowly but steadily we are polluting and destroying the only planet we know we can survive. The problem is not that we don’t know how to change this. The problem is...

EPP, How European are you, when you side with nationalists?

Apr 10, 2018

Viktor Orban’s campaign based on racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, as well as on in-your-face lies, has won him a comfortable majority in the Hungarian parliament. This majority is based on an...

Bayer-Mosanto: Merger from hell

Mar 21, 2018

The European Commission has just authorised the merger of the two biotech giants Monsanto and Bayer. This is very bad news for biodiversity, small farmers, our health and our food security. Our...

Don't let Brexit make us strangers!

Mar 21, 2018

This week the EU27 leaders will come together again to discuss the terms for the Brexit deal. Ignorance towards what’s different is what caused so many people to vote for Brexit. Therefore, we want...

Anniversary of the EU-Turkey Deal

Mar 18, 2018

Two years ago the EU decided to sell its soul for the sake of keeping refugees as far away from its shores as possible. After two years it is pretty clear that the EU-Turkey deal is one big,...

Selmayr Appointment Another Example of Juncker Commission’s Disregard for Basic Rules

Mar 13, 2018

On 21 February, Martin Selmayr was appointed Secretary General of the European Commission, effective as of 1 March. The appointment happened through an expedited process that manifestly violates the...

An empowered woman* is a disobedient woman

Mar 7, 2018

Today, on International Women's Rights Day, we call for disobedience. There is a strong need to disobey the established order and break down the patriarchal system enshrined within our society. Not...

Italy: EU migration policies are not only hurting migrants, they hurt all Europeans

Mar 6, 2018

Today, as the election results in Italy are being released, we see that anti-European are still on the rise. Italy is suffering an economic crisis, where unemployment numbers have gone up...

Debate: Shrinking space for civil society

Feb 6, 2018

Tomorrow the European Parliament will discuss the much lamented “shrinking space for civil society”. Worldwide we see dramatic and frightening infringements on civil liberties. It is always...

FYEG’s statement on the shooting of black people in Macerata, Italy

Feb 5, 2018

Last weekend, a fascist shot six black people in the town of Macerata in Italy. None of the victims is reported dead, but at least one is in a critical condition. FYEG extends its full solidarity to...

For 2018 we want people over profit

Feb 1, 2018

Will 2018 finally be the year our governments take care of people over profit? Since the introduction of cars, the industry has been full of controversy and scandals. From buying and bankrupting...

Neno Dimov, resign!

Jan 29, 2018

Neno Dimov, Bulgaria’s Environment Minister, is presiding over the EU’s Environmental Council. The Council brings together the EU’s Environment Ministers as well as representatives of the...

Inequality: the business of the rich

Jan 24, 2018

While the political and business elite gather for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Oxfam published their inequality report. It shows once again that we live in a deeply unequal world and that our...

Stop Turkey’s attacks on Kurds

Jan 23, 2018

Turkey’s offensive on Afrin, Syria, is yet another attack carried out by the Turkish government on Kurds. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have previously sought refuge in relative stability of...

Freedom House report

Jan 19, 2018

The new Freedom House report is out and it paints a daunting picture of the state of liberal democracy worldwide. It’s not only the usual suspects in Africa and Asia that pull down the bar, even...