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The Federation of Young European Greens is announcing an open call for members of the international preparatory team for the Summer Camp 2017 “Smash Borders, Build Solidarity”. The summer camp will be organized from 25.07. to 3.08.2017 in Germany, in cooperation with Grüne Jugend (the German Young Greens). The topic of the summer camp is migration and the integration of refugees, and is conceived as a continuation of FYEG’s previous actions regarding migration and our advocacy for a borderless Europe, such as last year’s #overthefortress. We want to ensure that migration policies respect Human Rights, generating practical and political solutions to the so-called refugee crisis and to counteract the far-right discourse on migration.


We are searching for young activists and youth workers who are passionate about migrants’ rights and the values of the Green movement. Do you want to help build a bigger movement? Do you agree that no one is illegal and that we are all born equal, regardless of our place of origin? And most of all, are you ready to organise a summer camp for 70 Young Greens? Then this is for you! 


DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 3rd May 2017 at midnight (CET).


You may access online application form HERE.

The main responsibilities of the prep-team are:

  • Active participation in the regular on-line meetings prior the event;

  • Participation on a live prep team meeting 9 - 11 June 2017

  • Preparation of a call and selection of participants, preparation of participants for the event and providing them with all the necessary information regarding the program;

  • Preparation and implementation of the seminar programme; Invitation and communication with speakers, experts, trainers and partners in accordance with the project aims;

  • Help with the promotion of the event and ensuring media visibility;

  • Taking care of practicalities and for the general well-being of the participants;

  • Full participation during the entire event, 25 July - 3 August 2017; and prep team meeting before and after

  • Help with the reporting of the summer camp.

Being a prep-team member at a FYEG event would offer you:

  • Working in a lively international environment;

  • Experience in managing youth projects – preparation, implementation and reporting;

  • Getting familiar with Green values and FYEG work

  • In-depth knowledge about migration policies and migrants’ rights;

  • A possibility to develop your leadership skills and group work;

  • A lot of work and a lot of fun!

Prep-team members should:

  • Speak English (you should be able to clearly express yourself both orally and in writing).

  • Be willing to take on a challenge;

  • Be responsible about fulfilling their tasks and help the rest of the group;

  • Have good organisational skills;

  • Be a good team player;

  • Be committed to the aims of the project;

  • Be familiar with non-formal education methods.


Experience in one of FYEG’s Member Organisations is an asset.


  1. Online work on preparatory tasks and program (May-July 2017)

  2. Live prep team meeting (9 - 11 June 2017)

  3. Final preparatory meeting (23-24 July 2017)

  4. The seminar in Germany (25 July – 3 August 2017)

  5. Evaluation meeting after the seminar (4 - 5 August 2017)

  6. Help with reporting of the event (August - October 2017)

  7. Follow-up work (August - October 2017) 


Accommodation, food, working space, travel and visa costs for preparatory team will be fully covered within reasonable limits and within Europe. For selection of travel means the condition is to combine the most economic and environmentally friendly way (lowest price + travel time + CO2 emissions).