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Call for partners: FYEG Summer Camp

Second year in a row, FYEG would like to gather dozens of young people for its main educational event called “Smashing Borders - Building Solidarity “. With this project we aim to raise awareness on different dimensions of migration and asylum policies, reimagine the mobility and develop strategies to eradicate hateful rhetoric in public sphere delivered by the far-right movements and political groups. The activities in the programme will gather participants within the context of intercultural learning and stimulate them to develop and adopt new skills concerning the topics of migration and integration of refugees. The training promotes pedagogical approaches in dealing with challenges and opportunities in multicultural and pluralistic societies and empowers the participants to work on reflective competences and tools for social change. 

During last two years, it became apparent that no society is immune to racist and xenophobic sentiments. The global refugee situation completely reshaped the political landscape in Europe and beyond its borders. It not only reshuffled the power distributions within the political structures, but also set a new tone in everyday political debate, which has never been so hateful and actively used to disempower and marginalise those who are already suffering.

FYEG therefore, believes that young people bear the responsibility to turn the society around towards universal values and reclaim confidence in Europe. This project is addressing the need for consolidation of the efforts of young people to have their voices amplified through education and capacity building. In order to make our messages clear and strong, throughout the camp, we will look at different national contexts in regards with migration and asylum policies and try to pull them together in order to connect the dots for the feasible European solution.

This year, we would like experiment with the format and the settings of the camp, to use it as an open space for networking where we have regular interventions from local groups of activists, NGOs, decision-makers and citizens who will bring their experiences and outlook on the topic to European green youth. Furthermore, to not only discuss, but also celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism we will make the camp more festive than ever and finally, we plan to engage in a direct action to enforce our role as change-makers.

 We strive to organize a large scale, ecological event at a facility, which complies with the principles of sustainable living – with spaces for camping, outdoor activities and a lot more.

We invite FYEG member organisations to become partners of this project by filling out this form.