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Call for Delegates: FYEG Strategic Planning Meeting


We invite representatives of FYEG Member, Candidate and Observer Organizations to a Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM), which will take place from 8 to 11 December in Brussels (Belgium). FYEG's Working Groups as well as the Ecosprinter Editorial Board are also welcome to nominate a representative.


What is an SPM and why do we need it?

FYEG is a Federation: it exists because of its Member Organizations. Their involvement in its long-term strategy is fundamental, and dialogue between the stakeholders is crucial in order to develop common goals and means.

At the last General Assemblies, we have observed that there is not enough time to work and debate on topics such as activity and strategy plans, Internal Rules of Procedure, or the general political and organisational development of FYEG. The SPM will be a milestone not only in the preparation of the GA, but above all an important step with regard to the direction FYEG and its Members will take in the next years. After a successful SPM in February 2016 and a productive GA in May 2016, we want to continue the discussions that took place at those events.

The Member Organisations need to be at the core of this process. Thus we are looking for your contributions, proposals and ideas how to change and develop FYEG together. The discussions at the SPM will revolve around the three areas of the Strategic Planning Committee, namely FYEG's structures, activities, and political work. The prep team will soon send around a few questions that we invite the delegates and the organisations or structures they represent to reflect upon prior to the meeting.


What are the conditions for participation?

Every MO (Full, Candidate, Observer) is entitled to one delegate at the SPM. Each of FYEG's Working Groups and the Ecosprinter Editorial Board can also send an observer to the meeting. After the deadline, we might open up the call for a second delegate for the organisations interested in nominating an extra delegate.

We kindly ask all MOs and internal bodies of FYEG that intend to nominate someone for this meeting to reflect upon gender diversity of your representatives at FYEG statutory meetings before nominating your representative in order to ensure that our meetings are diverse and inclusive.

Registration is done by filling in the form here.

Delegates and observers will be fully reimbursed for their travel and visa expenses to Brussels and back, within a limit communicated to the delegates and observers by FYEG Office once the nominated person's registration has been confirmed by FYEG.

FYEG will provide accommodation and meals on the spot.

Arrival is expected by the evening of Thursday 8 December. We will have dinner and informal programme starting at 19:00.

The programme will end on Sunday 11 December at 13:00.

Any practical questions related to the registration process may be communicated to office@fyeg.org, with teo@fyeg.org in CC.

Deadline for registration is 30 November at midnight CET. If you are nominated earlier, we encourage you to register earlier so you can get a confirmation from FYEG Office and proceed with booking your travel.

All the best,

The prep team of the SPM (Frank, Petra and Willemijn from the Strategic Planning Committee; Paula and Teo from the Executive Committee; Artur from the Office)


Picture: Mercado Viagens / Creative Commons