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General Assembly 2017

Federation of Young European Greens warmly invite you to join our General Assembly in Madrid, Spain, from 24-28th of May. 

It is an extraordinary time for Europe and we as pro-European organisation face an enormous challenge of coming up with our new, resonant vision for Europe. We therefore, couldn't be any happier to have chosen Red Equo Joven - Spanish Young Greens as our hosts. They have always been the Organiosation who brings ideas that smell fresher than fresh mint and also fed the federation with bright and loyal activists. 

GA is the most important decision making event that takes place each year. The political course of the federation and the leadership is confirmed according to a democratic procedure. It is frequently combined with the Spring Conference. (https://www.facebook.com/events/1837815019874827)

More info: http://fyeg.org/GA17