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#FYEG30 Utrecht hosted by DWARS


30 years ago, a group of young people from Europe got together and decided to join forces. Now, 30 years later, FYEG is a blossoming Federation, with 42 member organisations.

There are many stories about the history of FYEG. Were they hippies, camping (half) naked at a lake once a year? Or were there political aspirations from day one? Throughout this year, together with the Ecosprinter, we will shine a light on our history. We will explore the key moments of our movement. We will look at the common fights we have fought in Europe. And of course look at the ones we won. 


General Assembly + Spring Conference

Because of our 30th birthday we will organise a special General Assembly (9-11 May) and Spring Conference (12 May) this year. We will invite people that have played an important role in our movement and celebrate our common progress together. 

We will reflect on where we are now. What are the most important political forces we are facing and how much space does a progressive, ecological organisation get in an increasingly conservative 21st century. 


The Federation of Young European Greens warmly invite you to join our General Assembly + Spring Conference in Utrecht, Netherlands, from 9-12 of May.

In 2018, FYEG is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Europe is facing tumultuous times where the issues we value as a progressive, pro- European, tolerant organisation are increasingly less self-evident. We are therefore looking forward to celebrate our past achievements and look forward with a new, resonant vision for Europe. We therefore, couldn't be any happier to have chosen Dwars - Dutch Young Greens as our hosts.  

The GA is the most important decision making event that takes place each year. The political course of the federation and the leadership is confirmed according to a democratic procedure. Every year we combine our GA with a spring conference on different hot topics facing Green Youth in Europe. This year the spring conference will be extra special, as we are celebrating our 30th birthday! 


What to do now:

Besides encouraging your members to apply for FYEG's statutory bodies feel free to start choosing your delegates, preparing them for GA and booking tickets to Utrecht already.  

- Here is the registration form for the delegates. Please fill it in as soon as possible. Deadline for registering delegates is 27th of March. Deadline for observers registration is 10th of April

- Please bear in mind that travel costs and participation fee for first delegate is covered by FYEG. Participation fee for second delegate is 200 euros (or 100 euros if there is gender parity in delegation). Travel cost is not covered. Participation fee for observers is 200 euros. If you have a specific situation that prevents your MO or delegate from being able to pay the fee please contact our treasurer.


- Please take into account some of the good practices in choosing your delegates:

  • It's a good practice to have one experienced (been to previous GAs) and one inexperienced delegate (to ensure transfer of knowledge).
  • I'ts a good practice to have gender-balanced delegation.
  • It's a good practice to book tickets as soon as possible


- Arrival and departure: The GA and Spring Conference will take place in Utrecht from 9th-12th of May. Registration is open from the 8th of May. That’s the day when we expect the delegates to arrive (anytime). Departure day is 13th of May (anytime).


- Registration: Everyone attending the General Assembly must register in an online form here. This is regardless of your position or function, so as soon as you read this email, please take some time to fill it in and send it to everyone you know to attend. Nominate and register your delegates before March 27th Midnight. FYEG will cover the travel costs of your first delegate. Deadline to register as a guest or observer is April 10th.


- Organisations applying for membership in FYEG (candidate, full or observer membership) must send the documents listed under §7.2.1 of the Internal Rules of Procedure (including this questionnaire) to office@fyeg.org by 27th March 2018 midnight CET. For any questions, please refer to office@fyeg.org.


- Important deadlines:


27 March (CLOSED)

  • Registration of delegates
  • Applications for Member, Candidate or Observer Organisation
  • GA Presidency (extended deadline) 


10 April  (CLOSED)

  • Applications for Executive Committee members
  • Applications for Financial Control Committee member (extended deadline 18th April) 
  • Applications for Ecosprinter Editorial Board members (extended deadline 18th April) 
  • Submission of policy papers
  • Amendments to Political Platform, Strategic Plan, and Internal Rules of Procedure
  • Registration of observers


The following documents will be sent out

  • Activity Report
  • Financial Report
  • Draft Activity Plan
  • Draft Financial Plan
  • Executive Committee report
  • Secretary General report


17 April

  • Publication of candidatures


24 April

  • Publication of support letters to candidates 


- Financial conditions: VERY IMPORTANT Please, read this document to get detailed information about travel limits, reimbursement rules and participation fee! If you still have any questions - write us on office@fyeg.org and frank@fyeg.org immediately!


 - Do you need visa? MO’s from countries which need visa (notably Armenia, Belarus, Turkey and Ukraine) are encouraged to nominate and register their candidates as soon as possible. Please contact us at office@fyeg.org and intern@fyeg.org as soon as possible so that we can start the procedures right away and ensure that all participants are granted their visa.




  • Executive Committee

Boukerdenna, Djalel / Spokesperson

Csaszar, Gergely / Spokesperson

Khan, Tariq/ Spokesperson

Pavelkova, Zuzana / Spokesperson

Ylinen, Katri / Spokesperson


Tifine, Antoine / Treasurer


Gumplova, Anna / EC Member

Mackay, Gillian / EC Member

Murray, Sam / EC Member

Vivas, Irene / EC Member

Yetisgin, Cansu / EC Member


  • Ecosprinter Editorial Board

Aleksic, Jelena

Coskun, Baris

Delfosse, Alexia

Hendry, David

Martirosyan, Seda


  • Financial Control Committee

Krenzke, Laura

Martirosyan, Seda


  • Membership






We are proud to introduce new Amendment Tool. This website is designated to allow participants of the #FYEG30 General Assembly to amend GA documents.

We have already published Internal Rules of Procedure and Statutes.

Amendments, Motions, Resolutions can be tabled by FYEG's Full Member Organisations, FYEG Executive Committee, FYEG Strategic Planning Committee, FYEG Working Group Members. 

Instructions for utilizing the tool can be found on the platform itself in the 'Help' section. For further questions, please contact office@fyeg.org and webmaster@fyeg.org



#FYEG30 Documents




Executive Committee Report

Activity Report

Budget Report

Secretary General Report

Advisory Committee Report

Ecosprinter Report

Strategy Planning Committee Political Subgroup Report


Working Groups Report



Gender & Inclusion

Food System & Animal Rights

Future of Europe



Activity Plan

Strategic Plan 2018-20

Campaign Plan for the 2019 Elections

Financial Report (Draft Budget) 2018